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The Float

The Float.
Balance. Simplicity. Strength.

The Float.

Your reminder to

breathe balance, 

seek simplicity,


stand in your strength.


The Float was born... because everything changed. 


Out of ashes, beauty. 

As a craftsman, he'd previously been able to work full-time, not only locally, but internationally. 

But after post-covid long-haul took it's harsh toll, things had changed.

After 12 months, James was finally able to return back to a new-normal.  

Still feeling the ill-effects of long-haul, he outfitted his wood-working shop and struck out on his own by handcrafting custom woodwork for friends and family as a way to distract himself from what had become 24/7 pain and discomfort. 

After over a year of physical hardship, he decided to create a new take on the "tensegrity" design he'd seen online.  

They are called “weightless”, “floating”, and “impossible” designs held in balance by tension.

He found many offshoots, so many tensegrity options. 

But very few hand-crafted from solid hardwood. 

His take? 

Authenticity, not 3d printing. 
Natural grain, not faux-wood plastic. 
Simplicity in design.


Because it's possible.

  • You can balance, even when life tilts.

  • You can find simplicity in the chaos.

  • You have more strength inside than you could ever imagine.  

The Float. 

Your reminder.


Healing in the midst of the pain. 

Balance in simplicity.

Simplicity in strength.


And so The Float was born.


From our family to yours.



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